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Members and friends,

Non-profits like the Foothills Arts Council exist because of the power of the arts to change lives and transform communities. The arts reflect and expand our values, bring us together to share meaningful experiences, increase our sense of pride and appreciation in one another, and bring us joy. Through the arts, we express ourselves, document our history, impart critical thinking and problem-solving skills to our children, and beautify our neighborhoods and public spaces.

We at the Foothills Arts Council have worked diligently and creatively over the past year to double the events, programs, exhibits, and live performances we offer while remaining within budget. In the coming fiscal year, we'd like to do even more, but we need your help.

This year, we're introducing new membership payment options to allow you to make a visible difference within our community without feeling a strain on your wallet. As you consider your annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly level of support, please reflect upon the many ways the arts engage, educate, entertain, and sustain us all.

Thanks very much for your continued support of the Foothills Arts Council!

FAC Executive Director


Dan Butner


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