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Contribute to our annual fund drive today! Support the project and the Arts!

2018/2019 Members


Contributing $1,000 or more

McCormick Taylor

Mike Reeves & Marianne Luther

Bill & Sandy Blackley

Michael & Susan Ridenour

James & Lori Rice

Jeff & Kristi Eidson

Ron & Phyllis Storey

Susan Pasch


Contributing $500-$999

Mike Cheek

Mike & Mary Keller

Molly Smith

Carol & Mike McDowell

Jerry & Joan Vasata

Bill & Linda Griffin

Hal & Bonnie Stuart

Mike & Carol McDowell


Contributing $250-$499

Dennis & Shannon Lazar

Dirty Joe’s Coffee

Dr. Richard & Ann Merlo

Kelly Hembree

Prism Medical

Southern on Main

Trout Unlimited

Kendra Sale

Wayne & Georgie Stone

Debbie Carson & Chris Groner

Allstar Rentals

Jimmy Chappell


Contributing $100-$249

Barbara Chatham

Sam Bishop

Martha Bassett

Cicely McCulloch

Natalie Eidson

Jim & Cynthia Douthit

Cindy Taplin

Claudia Johnson

Denise Lyon

Gray & Sue Johnson

Jane Hazelman

Jay & Crystal Morphis

John & Leslie Fesperman

Mark & Rebecca Maynard

Paul & Ann Gulley

Rob & Gina Peterson

Rosy Beverley

Round Peak Vineyard

Steven & Vickie Wells

Susan Pasch

Tom Shelburne

Sarah Gwyn

Robin Thomas

Tammy Coley

Dolores Neil

Jane Eaton

Lenzy King

Dan Butner

Jane Riley

G. Perry & Carol Jernigan

Leon & Kathy Reece

Andras & Katalin Neumark

Rosy Beverley

Claudia Johnson

Cynthia & Jim Douthit

Rob & Gina Peterson

Betty Holthouser

Barry Huff

Ann Roach

Kate Groner

Denise Velinsky

Gypsy Belles

Amy Tayloe


Contributing $50-$99

Sydney Sieviec

Buck & Judy Buckner

Sam Tayloe

Carol Vanderpool

Dwayne Hash

Frank Beals

Judy Deck

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hon

Ron & Ann Ashman

William & Joan Sanders

Anne Transou

Karen McKenney

Penny Lyon

Karen Breit

Dean Sidden

Josh Griswell

Brittany Russell

William & Joan Sanders

Caroline Beverley

Jennifer Lewis

Donna Akers

Sarah Canter

Vivian Thompson

Christine Mason

Peggy Petrocy

Martha Neaves

Judith Smith

Amber Transou

Karen McKinney


Contributing $10-$49

Beanie Taylor

Jill Bellia

Tommy Jackson

Bill Gramley

Clarence & Phyllis Haile

Jeffrey Deal

Jennifer McMeans

Kim Dameworth

Dwayne Hash

Kim Dameworth

Tommy Jackson

Cheryl Hill

Ann Atkins

Elisabeth Carter

Melissa Manning

Sarah Kerr

T.J. Kennedy

Matt Schrum

Barry Carlton

Rob Parsons

Dana Triplett

Carol Vanderpool

Gil Croy

Anne Lewis

Sarah Gwyn

If you have contributed to this years fund drive between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 and do not see your name listed email us at