Note to vendors:

VENDOR SET UP: Thur. Nov. 30, 6-8 pm or Fri. Dec 1, noon - 4 pm.

  • Friday SOLD out. Spaces still available for Saturday & Sunday only.
  • 6' round display tables are available by request while supplies last.
  • A tent is no longer required. Spaces will be outlined w/ tape.

Current vendor list: (If you have registered and don't see your name here please email us at info@foothillsartscouncil.org)

Ai Nguyen, Kayla Jones, Katherine Ayers, Vicki Dudley, Jimmy Parks, Tammy Desiderio, Lisa Slawter, Amanda Gullatt, Doris Petersham, Ruth Hutton,

Robyn Vernon, Vicki Dudley, Melissa Manning, Aaron Blackwelder, Lavender Anne's Herb Farm, Foothills Quilters, Peggy Petrocy, Randy Burchette, Soyworx Candles, Kelly Merritt, Gary Litchfield.