A r t r e a c h   W e s t - A r t M i x

On display March 15th through April 28th

Opening reception Saturday, March 24, 4-6 pm

ArtMix is a group of women artists from Northwest North Carolina who are committed to the creative practice of art. A "mix" of visual artists whose media include but are not limited to: paint, pastel, paper, fiber, clay and photography. ArtMix exhibitions offer the public an opportunity to see the diersity, depth and richness of artistic expression that exemplifies the northwest region of North Carolina.

ArtMix Members

Orna Bentor, Tonya Bottomley, Cindy Breden, Mary Anne Caplinger, Teresa Cerda, Judy Humphrey, Margaret Carter Martine, Judy McNeill, Betty Powell, Mary-Ann Prack, Marianne Suggs, Susan Van Wyk


Currently on display

Karen Breit: painting

Margaret Brown: wood-fired pottery

Donna Ellis: pottery

Corinne Graefe: wood

Amanda Gullett: ceramics

Seth Guzovsky: pottery

Phyllis Haile: pottery

Diana Heft: wood

Justin Helms: painting

Holly Hood: pottery

Ruth Hutton: textiles

Marianne Luther: pottery

Doris Petersham: pottery

Tammy Sawyer: felt